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ASA Engineering & Consultants, Inc. is a women-owned, multi-disciplined civil engineering, surveying and environmental consulting professional services provider based in Chattanooga, TN.  While founded in 2013, our staff has almost a century’s combined experience and remains steadfast in its dedication to delivering quality, on-time and on-budget service, sometimes considered a rarity in the industry.



It is the paramount duty of any engineering firm to ensure every project is conceived and executed in accordance with all approved plans and specifications. At Asa, we understand the complexity and depth of the ever-changing requirements in the construction industry and we act and plan accordingly. As our industry’s standards continue to evolve and improve, our staff does as well, by enrolling and completing industry training classes so that we continue to deliver the exacting level of work and performance our clients demand.  We also recognize that classroom training provides the basic fundamentals but that actual field experience is paramount in the successful delivery of a construction project.

Asa possesses an "unlimited" prequalification  with TDOT and each of our construction inspectors are certified in TDOT LP Chapter 8 - Preconstruction and Construction Procedures.  Additionally, our inspection staff members are seasoned TDOT CEI veterans, cross-trained and certified in all aspects of CEI inspection and testing, and each capable and experienced on projects ranging from a small ADA improvements project to large-scale interstate corridor improvements projects.  

 Ooltewah-Ringgold Road & Standifer Gap Road Intersection Improvements Project - Hamilton County, TN

Ooltewah-Ringgold Road & Standifer Gap Road Intersection Improvements Project - Hamilton County, TN

 UTC Housing - Chattanooga, TN

UTC Housing - Chattanooga, TN

 TDOT SR-29 Widening - Morgan County, TN

TDOT SR-29 Widening - Morgan County, TN

Our construction services include:

CEI & RPR Services

  • Construction Management Oversight
  • Construction Inspection & Materials Testing
  • Construction Administration & Contract Compliance
  • Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control (EPSC) Inspection & Reporting
  • Administrative Final Records Closeout Documents & Audits

Construction Materials Testing (CMT)

  • Soil & Aggregate Sampling
  • In-Place Density Testing of Subgrage, Base & Pavements
  • Fresh Mixed Concrete Sampling & Testing
    • Slump, Temp, Air, Unit Weight
  • Concrete Plant Inspection
  • Asphalt Plant Inspection

Construction Stormwater Inspections

  • Site Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Inspections
  • Compliance Reports & Photo Documentation
  • SWPPP Updates
  • Rainfall Monitoring

ASA Engineering and Consulting, Inc.

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