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ASA Engineering & Consultants, Inc. is a women-owned, multi-disciplined civil engineering, surveying and environmental consulting professional services provider based in Chattanooga, TN.  While founded in 2013, our staff has almost a century’s combined experience and remains steadfast in its dedication to delivering quality, on-time and on-budget service, sometimes considered a rarity in the industry.

City of East Ridge

TDOT Local Programs

I-75 Exit One Interchange Modifications at Ringgold Road

PE-NEPA & Design Services


Vaughn & Melton
1909 Ailor Avenue
Knoxville, Tennessee 37921  

Amanda Miller – East Ridge PM

Construction Budget:

Work Performed:
June 2016 to Ongoing

Services Provided:
PE-NEPA Phase Preliminary Design Support; Land Survey; Design Support; Landscape Architecture; Utility Coordination; Stakeholder Coordination





I75 Ground Breaking.jpg

In June of 2016 the City of East Ridge selected the Vaughn & Melton / Asa Engineering & Consulting Team to provide TDOT Local Programs PE-NEPA and Design services on the proposed $4.6 million improvements to I-75 Exit One in East Ridge, Tennessee.  Spurred by the recent mass development on Camp Jordan Parkway, and the construction of the new Bass Pro retailer adjacent to the northeast quadrant of the interchange, the functionally deficient interchange requires direct accessibility between I-75 and Camp Jordan Parkway, better on-ramp and off-ramp capacity and alignment, the elimination of cloverleaf ramp conflicts, and the addition of signalization at the new Camp Jordan Road and I-75 N.B. off-ramp intersection.

Design objectives include:

• The realignment and widening of the northbound I-75 off-ramp to accommodate direct access to Camp Jordan Parkway, as well as right and left turn movements onto SR8 (Ringgold Road).

• The realignment of Camp Jordan Parkway to intersect SR8 (Ringgold Road) directly opposite the northbound I-75 off-ramp realigned roadway.

• The signalization at the new intersection of the realigned Camp Jordan Parkway and the realigned northbound I-75 off-ramp.

• The demolition and removal of the existing northbound I-75 off-ramp (cloverleaf) located in the northeast quadrant of the Exit No. 1 Interchange.

• The construction of a new westbound SR8 (Ringgold Road) on-ramp to I-75 north.

• The restriping and pavement marking of the existing SR8 (Ringgold Road) bridges and approaches to accommodate the reconfigured interchange.

• Spot widening and improvements to the southbound I-75 off-ramp at the SR8

(Ringgold Road) intersection.

Asa staff members assigned include Jeff Sikes (Asa PM); Roger Riemer (Surveyor); and Allen Jones (Landscape Architect).


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