City of Chattanooga

Miller Park Revitalization


In July of 2016, Asa Engineering & Consulting, Inc. was selected by the City of Chattanooga’s Public Works Department to provide on-call Resident Project Representative Services on various projects throughout the City.  The categories of projects for which Asa was selected include:

  • Linear Infrastructure Projects

  • Park Projects

  • Green Infrastructure/Stream Restoration Projects

The first work order assigned to Asa under the On-Call RPR services contract is the $8.4-million revitalization of Miller Park in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee.  This revitalization is Phase 1 of a 3-Phased $10-million public and private sector revitalization effort for the comprehensive MLK District make-over.

The central feature of the 40-year-old Miller Park will be an open lawn, which would eliminate the existing water feature.  Other key amenities include an amphitheater, a garden walk, rock outcropping, and a makeover of MLK Blvd., between Market Street and Georgia Avenue.

Construction of the new park began in August of 2017 and was completed in September of 2018.

Asa staff assigned to this project include Shane Fletcher (RPR Sr. Inspector) and Jeff Sikes (RPR Project Manager).