Town of Signal Mountain

Old Town Sidewalk Restoration & ADA Ramp Improvements


In February of 2016, Asa was selected by the Town of Signal Mountain to provide PE-NEPA, Design and CEI services on the $700,000 Grant Funded Old Town Sidewalk Rehabilitation and ADA Ramp Improvements Project in the historic Old Town section of Signal Mountain, Tennessee.

The project includes the improvement or replacement of approximately 4-miles of deteriorated, cracked and/or broken sidewalks along Tennessee Avenue, James Boulevard, Signal Mountain Boulevard, Louisiana Avenue, Georgia Avenue, Florida Avenue and Carolina Avenue.  The project also includes the addition of ADA accessible ramps at all of the roadway intersections.  The project is currently in the PE-NEPA Phase.  Challenges associated with the design and construction include, the historic context of the neighborhood and the need to design a sidewalk that will complement the neighborhood, right-of-way constraints, utility pole conflicts at proposed ADA accessible ramp locations, and grading the site to meet design parameters where steep topography exists.

The project is being designed and constructed in accordance with the TDOT Local Government Guidelines for Federal and State Funded Transportation Projects.

Asa staff members assigned to this project include Jeff Sikes (Sr. Projects Manager), Micah Duffey, PE (Civil Design Engineer); Allen Jones, RLA (Planner/Landscape Architect), and Roger Riemer (Surveyor)

Signal Mountain 1.png
Signal Mountain 2.png