Urban In-Fill

Urban infill is defined as new development that is sited on vacant or undeveloped land within an existing community, and that is enclosed by other types of development. The term "urban infill" itself implies that existing land is mostly built-out and what is being built is in effect "filling in" the gaps. The term most commonly refers to building single-family homes in existing neighborhoods but may also be used to describe new development in commercial, office or mixed-use areas.

Some of the benefits of Urban In-Fill include:

  • Removes the eyesore and safety concerns associated with undeveloped or vacant property.

  • Allows communities to achieve or sustain population density thresholds that are needed to attract certain amenities (parks, community services, retail).

  • Can be an effective tool for increasing supply of more affordable homes efficiently.

  • It is more efficient to use existing infrastructure and services than it is to extend infrastructure and services farther afield.


Urban In-Fill Portfolio Sample

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Residential Projects