ADA Compliance Analysis

As a subconsultant to C.D. Technical Services, Asa is currently engaged in the City of Chattanooga Parks ADA Compliance Analysis.  Asa is responsible for working with the City of Chattanooga GIS Department to convert the ADA Checklist for Existing Facilities Checklist (based on the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design) to a mobile survey application (Survey 123).  Asa produced a tree diagram of the survey which was converted to a mobile application for field crews to enter ADA analysis survey data directly to an iPad which allows for mobile upload to a GIS database maintained by the City.  The mobile survey includes the 4 main priority areas which include the approach and entrance, access to services, toilet rooms and other various items.  Once the mobile app was created, ASA was responsible for testing and working out the bugs within the survey.

Asa is also responsible for field survey analysis of Priority 1 areas within various parks within the 150 parks currently in the City’s inventory.  This includes taking and verifying measurements, documenting out of compliance items, and providing feedback for solutions.  Within the first year, the team will survey 30 parks for ADA compliance.  Total budget for year 1 is $120,000 with an overall budget of $450,000 over 3-years.

Asa staff members that are working on this project include Allen Jones, RLA (Mobile Application and GIS), Micah Duffey, PE (Design Support) and Roger Riemer, PLS (Survey Support).