Coca-Cola United New Sales and Distribution Facility

In the Summer of 2014, Asa Engineering & Consulting was engaged by Brasfield & Gorrie to provide EPSC Inspection Services on Coca-Cola Bottling United’s $62 million first-in-class sales and distribution facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The construction encompassed a 43-acre tract of land near the Shepherd Road / Hwy 153 Interchange and includes significant grading and drainage for the 230,000 SF office and distribution warehouse, truck loading and overflow parking areas, visitor and employee parking areas, and access roads. 

Asa provided twice weekly inspection and reporting, maintaining the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), and communicating and coordinating with the general contractor and grading contractor any non-compliance issues.  The site is bordered on three (3) sides by Friar Branch and tributaries to Friar Branch, a 303D listed AND exceptional classified waterway with threatened and endangered species located both up and down stream of the construction site.

Asa’s Jeff Sikes and Virginia Ellis were assigned to the projects and served as EPSC inspectors throughout the construction phase.