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Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is defined as β€œthe design of outdoor public areas, landmarks, and structures to achieve environmental, social-behavioral, or aesthetic outcomes.” At Asa, we believe that the integration of landscape architecture and connectivity into our built environment is a fundamental toll in building better and sustainable communities. Whether public streetscapes, parks, plazas, greenways, campuses, or private commercial site improvements, Asa as the expertise to master plan, design, manage and nurture the natural elements that add quality of life and enjoyment to our communities.

Landscape Architecture

  • Master Planning

  • Urban Planning

  • Streetscape Design

  • Park, Trail and Greenway Design

  • Graphic Renderings and 3-D Modeling

  • Landscape Plans and Hardscape Detailing

  • Stormwater Management + Green Infrastructure Design (rain, gardens, bio-retention areas, green roofs, wetlands)

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