Manker Patten Tennis Club

In April of 2014, Asa was selected by the Manker Patten Tennis Club in Chattanooga, Tennessee to provide Master Planning and Landscape Architecture Design Services on a $250,000 landscape and hardscape improvements project.

The master plan was divided into six (6) specific and prioritized areas of the property, each in need of both hardscape and softscape elements to make the site more accessible, attractive and functional.  In adition, stormwater green infrastructure elements were added to help manage on-site stormwater.  In July of 2014, Asa began work on the project by first providing a boundary survey of the entire property and an “as-built” survey of the six (6) individual sub-areas that will be incorporated into the master plan.  The master plan was used to contract with a design-build firm who completed construction in the Fall of 2015. 

Asa’s Allen Jones, RLA was the primary designer of the project. Mr. Jones worked with the Manker Patten staff to develop the overall master plan and then provided construction administration service until the project was completed.